Prefixes & Info
-- Whatever is crossed out works only with
@Granz#8561 the ruby version, for now
Basic Commands Description
--help Responds with bot's help menu
--info Responds with bot's info
@Granz#8561 Responds with bot's help menu
--feedback Sends a link, where you can send me feedback using webhooks
Fun Commands Description
--acronym <something> Generates an acronym based on a word
--bird Sends a random bird picture
--cat Sends a random cat picture
--choose <anything> <anything> ... Chooses between the choices you give
--coffee Sends a random coffee picture
--cookie Responds with a cookie and a fortune
--dog Sends a random dog picture
--doge Sends a random doge picture
--fox Sends a random fox picture
--howgay <mention/something> Tells you how gay is something
--howcute <mention/something> Tells you how cute is something
--norris Responds with a Chuck Norris joke
--rate <mention/something> Rates something
--ratehusbando <something> Rates your husbando
--ratewaifu <something> Rates your waifu
--trump Sends a random trump quote
--yesno <something> Responds with yes or no to a question
Roleplay Commands Description
--baka <mention> Mentioned user is such a BAKA!
--feed <mention> Feeds mentioned user
--hug <mention> Hugs mentioned user
--kiss <mention> Kisses mentioned user
--noticeme Notices you
--pat <mention> Pats mentioned user
--poke <mention> Pokes mentioned user
--shoot <mention> Shoots mentioned user
--smug Responds with a smug image
Gaming Commands Description
--achievement <id> <title>|<description> Minecraft Achievment Generator. IDs
--amiibo <something> Gives info about a specific amiibo
--mcskin <uuid> Responds with that uuid's skin
--mcstatus Responds with the minecarft servers status
--mcuuid <username> Responds with that account's uuid
--tanki Responds with info about the following commands
--tanki <username> Saves your tanki username in a db so you won't
have to type it each time you want to see your ratings
--tratings <username> Gives you stats about specific user on tanki
--tweekly <username> Gives you weekly stats about specific user on tanki
--tstatus Responds with tanki online's server stats
--tsupplies <username> Gives you stats about specific user's supplies on tanki
--twiki <something> Searches the tanki wiki for something
Useful Commands Description
--algebra <operation> Visualizes algebra ( eg. 2^2 will output 2²)
--avatar <mention> Responds with the avatar of the mentioned user
--ddg <something> Searches something using duckduckgo for you
--eval ```<cr/rb/c/js> <code>``` Runs code in crystal or ruby or c or js (sandboxed)
--google <something> Searches something using google for you
--id <mention> Responds with a cookie
--ip <ip> Info about an ip
--lmgtfy <something> LMGTFY something for you
--lowercase <something> Responds with the lowercased version of something
--maths <operation> <expression> Advance math solver, OPERATIONS
--ping Responds with Pong!
--reverse <something> Responds with the reversed version of something
--server Responds with Detailed Server Info
--temperature <number><K/F/C><C/K/F> Converts temperature from K/F/C to C/K/F
--uppercase <something> Responds with the uppercased version of something
--uptime Responds with bot's uptime
Economy Commands Description
--register Registers you on the ranking system
--profile To check your profile
--background <0-14> To change your background, backgrounds: here
--slogan <something> To change your slogan
--give <someone> <ammount> Sends coins to someone
--exchange Exchanges 1000 coins for 1 level
--slots <amount> Play slots to win the ammount you put or more!
Image Editing Description
--gay [mention] Gayfies mentioned user
--imgtanki <something> Tanki ratings but in an image
--okbyemom <something> Creates a ok bye mom meme
--pride <sexuality> [mention] Adds a pride flag ring around your avatar
--ring <#hex-color> [mention] Adds a ring around your avatar
Encryption Commands Description
--qrcode <something> Encodes Something into qrcode
Other Commands Description
--bara Will respond with a bara image NSFW
--blush Blushes
--furry [tags] Will respond with a furry image NSFW
--furry random <arg> Will respond with a random furry image, ARGS NSFW
--neko Will respond with a neko image NSFW